Recent advances in the understanding of the molecular biology of skin form the basis of Biocogent’s anti-aging range of functional active ingredients. DermalRx® products are manufactured utilizing the latest extraction, fermentation and bio-conversion technologies and are particularly appropriated for maintenance, treatment and corrective skin care systems.


DermalRx® FSE

Fermented Algae Extract

DermalRx® FSE is a marine ferment produced from Sargassum vulgare extracts rich in bioactive phlorotannins (the algae’s natural defense). DermalRx® FSE stimulates the skin’s natural Nucleotide Excision Repair (NER) process of DNA-repair. Additionally, DermalRx® FSE provides strong anti-pollution activity while inhibiting oxidation and inflammation. It is highly suitable to be used in protection and repair products.

DermalRx® HydroSeal

Biofermentation Oligopeptide

Developed using sophisticated molecular screening techniques and bio fermented from a proprietary strain of yeast, DermalRx® HydroSeal provides Structural Moisturization restoring tight junctions and cohesion between corneocytes. An independent clinical study ran under extremely dry/wintery conditions proved the multipotent moisturizing effectiveness of DermalRx® HydroSeal after 14 and 28 days of treatment. Good anti-wrinkle activity was also detected in the same study.


DermalRx® SRC

Biofermentation Oligopeptide

Skin Resurfacing action via gentle and selective desquamation. Developed using sophisticated molecular screening techniques and bio fermented from a proprietary strain of yeast, DermalRx® SRC stimulates skin renewal. As a result, it actively refines and restores skin texture and radiance safely. An independent clinical study proved the substantial anti-wrinkle and skin brightening effectiveness of DermalRx® SRC after 14 and 28 days of treatment.


DermalRx® Acetygen®

Proprietary extraction of Agrimonia eupatoria and Ampelopsis grossedentata

A pro-health and antiaging ingredient that functions on three levels to rejuvenate and protect the skin: i) rejuvenates the extracellular matrix E.C.M. through broad-spectrum epigenetic modulation of gene expression; ii) provides senolytic activity to battle the tissue-aging effects of senescent cells; iii) protects the skin from oxidative stress and inflammatory damage. 


DermalRx® KBGA

Klamath Lake Algae Extract

A cutting-edge extract of the very unique blue/green algae from the Klamath lake region in Oregon. Backed with a comprehensive battery of in vitro and in vivo efficacy assays, DermalRx® KBGA represents an infusion of aquatic skin-nourishing actives ideal to treat dry/damaged skin.

DermalRx® CKW

Curcuma Kwangsiensis/Curcuma Wenyujin Rhizome Extract

Based on a proprietary combination of two exotic species of Zingiberaceae, DermalRx® CKW has been developed in order to help modulating excessive production of skin sebum. Its inhibitory efficacy against 5α-reductase activities is highly remarkable and comparable to benchmark. Well documented minimization of sebum production in vivo among male and female populations and clinically proven visible decrease of facial sheen have been reported for DermalRx® CKW.  

DermalRx® LuShield™

Proprietary extraction of Osmanthus Fragrans flowers

A multifunctional anti-aging active that reverses the senescent changes in fibroblasts due to environmental and dietary stressors. DermalRx® LuShield™ protects against the onset of healthy fibroblast senescence from to the damaging effects of AGEs, UV radiation, free radicals and pollution (PM2.5). Protecting the skin cell population from unnecessary cell death allows for natural repair, rebuilding and restructuring of skin / skin matrices resulting in a healthy and more youthful appearance. DermalRx® LuShield™ is produced from Osmanthus fragrans (used in Traditional Chinese Medicine).



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