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Biocogent offers advanced solutions to treat, protect, and maintain healthy youthful skin. Pulling together technology from commercial and university sources across many disciplines, Biocogent can seek, and combine, the best technologies and functional synergies in skin active ingredients. As our newest ongoing development platform, Biocogent’s Advanced Solutions offers the best in high-science and economically positioned skin-active ingredients.



Water, Chondrus Crispus Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate

MariMoist® improves aesthetic and tactile properties of finished products. It helps to build ‘body’, imparting a rich, luxurious feel to finished formulas. The HA and sea plant extract helps to improve texture without feeling tacky or sticky. Because MariMoist binds a great deal of water, it instantly hydrates and softens dry skin.


MariMoist® is a moisturization ingredient derived from University-based biomedical engineering research focused on tissue affinity and adhesivity for the promotion of wound healing. The technology in MariMoist® is elegant in its simplicity, amalgamating polysaccharide biopolymers from specially selected Chondrus crispus with hyaluronic acid using a proprietary process to create reticulated polymer bundles that deliver bolus and adsorbed water for immediate and sustained hydration. In addition to water delivery, the polymers in MariMoist® provide benefits to tissue matrix health and offer a pleasing sensorial effect on skin.




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