Biocogent’s core competency is the development and commercialization of products steeped in science and backed with proven efficacy. Our team of researchers and technology affiliates is on the forefront of research and discovery. We deploy the science behind our platform technologies to treat the critical points of beauty including anti-aging, skin renewal, moisturization, skin protection, and detoxification; all essential for the restoration, revitalization, and maintenance of healthy and youthful skin.
Our key ingredient platforms include:




Advanced Solutions

Anti-aging, skin renewal systems, and advanced moisturizers based on biotechnology.

Highly potent plant derived multi-functional active ingredients with pleiotropic (multi-target) activity.

Process technology developed out of biotechnology from which specialized products can be created and manufactured.

Unique combinations of biopolymers and active ingredients that provide distinctive and differentiating products for our customers. 

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