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Dr. Paul Lawrence named a Top 10 finalist

at the 33rd IFSCC 2023 Barcelona Congress

Paul’s presentation,  Adapting a More Than 3-Billion-Year-Old Predator to Naturally Counter a Complicated Member of the Skin Microbiome, was selected as a TOP 10 applied research paper. This is a huge accomplishment for Dr. Lawrence and Biocogent - the only US-based company to make it into the TOP 10. Biocogent applauds Paul’s fantastic work, and the IFSCC for facilitating the sharing of research findings among cosmetic scientists in Barcelona.  


Biocogent, LLC Receives 2023 EcoVadis Gold Rating for Sustainability

Biocogent, LLC, a premier provider of high technology products and services to the personal care and cosmetic industries, received a gold medal from the EcoVadis rating platform for its approach to environmental management, labor and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. Biocogent’s overall sustainability performance for 2023 ranks among the top 5% of companies assessed by EcoVadis.

The company had previously achieved a platinum rating in 2021 in a smaller category. The opportunity to be rated on new topics, such as sustainable procurement, in the 2023 assessment speaks to the growth and success of the company and encourages the team at Biocogent to further strengthen its sustainability efforts in the years to come. Biocogent is committed to ensuring responsible, ethical and ongoing success for this generation and generations to come through compelling science and socially responsible business practices.

2023 EcoVadis Gold Medal.png

Sargassum “Blob” Approaches Gulf of Mexico 

Sargassum has recently been making headlines as the brown seaweed approaches beaches in the Gulf of Mexico. The floating mats of brown algae are nothing new in the Atlantic Ocean. Each year, the naturally occurring Sargassum belt has seasonal fluctuations in size as it moves throughout the Sargasso Sea.

Over the past decade, some of these algal mats have been expanding. As a result, the current newsworthy Sargassum blob is bigger than ever, with scientists anticipating trouble when it washes ashore and plugs waterfronts.

Despite the recent press, Sargassum can have benefits at the beach – when applied to the skin. At Biocogent, a species of Sargassum is utilized to make DermalRx® FSE, an active ingredient that helps combat the signs of aging in sun-damaged skin.








Protect and repair with Sargassum-derived DermalRx® FSE
DermalRx FSE contains Sargassum vulgare harvested from the Sargasso Sea. To unlock its full potential, the fresh Sargassum is biofermented using a proprietary yeast strain. The resulting product is rich in UV-combatting phlorotannins that protect from damaging sun exposure.

DermalRx FSE enhances the skin’s natural ability to protect from and repair sun damage. Specifically, DermalRx FSE increases nucleotide excision repair (NER) capacity in skin cells. NER is a major DNA repair pathway activated upon harmful UV exposure. Typically, the NER pathway can be pretty slow, but with DermalRx FSE, the reparative action of NER is kickstarted to improve the appearance of sun-exposed skin.


Additionally, DermalRx FSE can soothe sun-damaged skin by providing remarkable antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity. DermalRx FSE has also been demonstrated to modulate the expression of 25 genes critical to the skin’s healthy appearance, including three collagens.

Together, the powerful effects of Sargassum ferment make DermalRx FSE a powerful active ingredient to prevent the signs of photoaging in the skin.


Looking to learn more about the power of the Sargassum found in DermalRx FSE? Check out our recent article in Cosmetics & Toiletries.

Seaweed AD LI 21 March 2023.jpg

Paul Lawrence, Ph.D. receives The Shaw Mudge Award

at the SCC 75th Annual Scientific Meeting & Showcase

The Shaw Mudge Award recognizes the best paper presented at the preceding SCC annual scientific meeting.This year’s award was presented to Paul Lawrence, Ph.D. for his paper entitled, “Small Non-coding RNAs: An Epigenetic Toggle Switch for Gene Expression."

Microbiome Balancing for Blemished Skin

Grandiciin® Active Ingredient Launched

Grandiciin Logo Stack 2.png

Grandiciin® an anti-blemish ingredient that limits the burden of biofilm-resident C. acnes and prevents tissue-damaging inflammation in blemish-prone skin.  With activity attributable to the efficacious mix of prenyl flavonoids found in Epimedium sagittatum. Virulent C. acnes strains are more prevalent in acne vulgaris. The biofilm they produce enhances comedone formation, increasing inflammatory tissue damage, and decreasing antibiotic efficacy in routine treatment. The anti-biofilm activity of Grandiciin™ helps to mitigate all of these pathogenic effects. In addition, Grandiciin™ directly counters inflammation, thereby providing an extra layer of protection against tissue damage and scarring in severely blemished skin.

Biocogent, LLC Receives the EcoVadis Platinum Medal!

Biocogent, LLC has been awarded a Platinum Sustainability Rating from the EcoVadis rating platform for our approach to environmental management, labor and human rights, and ethics. After receiving a gold medal in 2019 from EcoVadis, we are thrilled to see improvement and honored to rank amongst the top 1% of all companies assessed.


EcoVadis is the world’s largest and most trusted provider of business sustainability and social responsibility ratings, creating a global network of more than 75,000 rated companies.


At Biocogent, we have aligned our sustainability practices to ensure responsible, ethical and ongoing success for this generation and generations to come through the integration of environmental protection, economic health, and social development. Through compelling science, we offer ingredients that meet the health and beauty lifestyle of a diverse world, with a focus on socially responsible business practices we are able to offer quality standards without compromising safety or efficacy.


Epigenetic Rejuvenation for a Healthy and Youthful Skin

DermalRx® Acetygen® Active Ingredient Launched

DermalRx Acetygen Image.png

DermalRx® Acetygen®, a pro-health and antiaging ingredient that functions on three levels to protect and rejuvenate skin: i) rejuvenates the extracellular matrix E.C.M. through broad-spectrum epigenetic modulation of gene expression; ii) provides senolytic activity to battle the tissue-aging effects of senescent cells; iii) protects the skin from oxidative stress and inflammatory damage. DermalRx® Acetygen® is based on a unique mixture of Agrimonia eupatoria and Ampelopsis grossedentata extracts. Feel free to contact us to learn more about DermalRx® Acetygen®!

DNA-Repair and Skin Protection

New Ex Vivo Efficacy Studies for DermalRx® FSE Have Been Released!

An ex vivo study was conducted with fresh human skin treated with an O/W cream containing 2% DermalRx® FSE before being exposed to UVA/UVB radiation. The results of the assays performed confirmed our product’s highly efficacious DNA-repair activity. Histology cuts showed that tissue damage is almost entirely prevented in the skin treated with the cream containing DermalRx® FSE and exposed to UV.

DermalRx® FSE is a fermentation derived active ingredient produced from sustainably sourced Sargassum vulgare (brown algae). Feel free to contact us for further information on DermalRx® FSE!

clove and girl.png

Botanicals Impart Pleiotropical Effects for Skin Benefits

Tellirictin® featured at

'Pleiota­nicals' refers to a line of pleiotropic materials developed by Biocogent from botanicals. These impart multiple functions by acting through a single gene.


In this video demo, shot in the company’s lab, Paul Lawrence, Ph.​D., director of bioscience research and product development, and Rebecca Held, marketing coordinator, describe the development and benefits of such an ingredient; in particular, one derived from clove flower extract: Tellirictin. Lawrence notes how polyphenolic compounds including tellemag­randin are isolated from this plant and serve a variety of skin benefits. see video here

CT video.png

Moisturizing and Skin Conditioning

HEDI® Hemp Seed Oil Active Ingredient Launched

Hemp (Cannabis sativa) is cultivated worldwide with likely use of the plant dating back 12,000 years. Cannabis seeds are highly nutritious and do not contain cannabinoids. They are rich in proteins, lecithin, vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids: linoleic acid (omega-6) and alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3). Our product is an elegant water-based micro-dispersion carrying more than 30% of Hemp Seed Oil.

Feel free to contact us for further information on HEDI® Hemp Seed Oil!

weed woman.jpg

Strong Anti-Inflammatory and Skin-Soothing Activities

HOLY BASIL Active Ingredient Launched

A proprietary extract of Ocimum sanctum (a plant used in Ayurvedic medicine), also known as Holy Basil that has been optimized to concentrate key active components that target the damaging effects of pollution in skin. This highly enriched extract significantly reduces the secretion of key inflammatory mediators from epidermal keratinocytes when stressed with IFN-γ/MDP or particulate (pollution) matter (PM 2.5).

Feel free to contact us for further information on Holy Basil!

Volumizing Activity for Fuller Fabulous Features

Volpura® EP Active Ingredient Launched

Volpura® EP, a sculpting and volumizing ingredient that activates PPAR-γ, the master regulator of adipogenesis. Its activity stimulating fat production is comparable to benchmark and it is illustrated with high quality images. Volpura® EP is recommended for firming and plumping regimes to treat age related lipoatrophy, expression lines and the nasolabial fold. Also suitable for hand care treatments, breast volumizing and buttock sculpting applications.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about Volpura® EP!

Feel free to contact us for further information on any of our recent product launches!


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These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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