DNA-Repair and Skin Protection

New Ex Vivo Efficacy Studies for DermalRx® FSE Have Been Released!

An ex vivo study was conducted with fresh human skin treated with an O/W cream containing 2% DermalRx® FSE before being exposed to UVA/UVB radiation. The results of the assays performed confirmed our product’s highly efficacious DNA-repair activity. Histology cuts showed that tissue damage is almost entirely prevented in the skin treated with the cream containing DermalRx® FSE and exposed to UV.

DermalRx® FSE is a fermentation derived active ingredient produced from sustainably sourced Sargassum vulgare (brown algae). Feel free to contact us for further information on DermalRx® FSE!

Botanicals Impart Pleiotropical Effects for Skin Benefits

Tellirictin® featured at

'Pleiota­nicals' refers to a line of pleiotropic materials developed by Biocogent from botanicals. These impart multiple functions by acting through a single gene.


In this video demo, shot in the company’s lab, Paul Lawrence, Ph.​D., director of bioscience research and product development, and Rebecca Held, marketing coordinator, describe the development and benefits of such an ingredient; in particular, one derived from clove flower extract: Tellirictin. Lawrence notes how polyphenolic compounds including tellemag­randin are isolated from this plant and serve a variety of skin benefits. see video here

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Moisturizing and Skin Conditioning

HEDI® Hemp Seed Oil Active Ingredient Launched

Hemp (Cannabis sativa) is cultivated worldwide with likely use of the plant dating back 12,000 years. Cannabis seeds are highly nutritious and do not contain cannabinoids. They are rich in proteins, lecithin, vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids: linoleic acid (omega-6) and alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3). Our product is an elegant water-based micro-dispersion carrying more than 30% of Hemp Seed Oil.

Feel free to contact us for further information on HEDI® Hemp Seed Oil!

Strong Anti-Inflammatory and Skin-Soothing Activities

HOLY BASIL Active Ingredient Launched

A proprietary extract of Ocimum sanctum (a plant used in Ayurvedic medicine), also known as Holy Basil that has been optimized to concentrate key active components that target the damaging effects of pollution in skin. This highly enriched extract significantly reduces the secretion of key inflammatory mediators from epidermal keratinocytes when stressed with IFN-γ/MDP or particulate (pollution) matter (PM 2.5).

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Volumizing Activity for Fuller Fabulous Features

Volpura® EP Active Ingredient Launched

Volpura® EP, a sculpting and volumizing ingredient that activates PPAR-γ, the master regulator of adipogenesis. Its activity stimulating fat production is comparable to benchmark and it is illustrated with high quality images. Volpura® EP is recommended for firming and plumping regimes to treat age related lipoatrophy, expression lines and the nasolabial fold. Also suitable for hand care treatments, breast volumizing and buttock sculpting applications.

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