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Cogesomes represent a breakthrough technology to effectively deliver the potent beneficial effects of active ingredients to the skin. Biocogent scientists designed and developed a novel and proprietary liposome formulation that encapsulates the active in a manner not previously seen in the skin care community.

Cogesome® RL 

maximizing retinol efficacy

The power of retinol is undisputed. Accelerated epidermal renewal, enhanced collagen and hyaluronic acid production – retinol, properly managed, is one of skin’s best supporters, making healthy glow and youthful appearance very attainable goals. The key here is proper active management. While powerful, if not properly deployed, retinol efficacy will fall short – rapid penetration and targeted delivery to the living layers of the skin are essential to realizing the extraordinary benefits of retinol. Cogesome® RL quickly shepherds retinol from the skin’s surface to the ideal delivery point in the epidermal and dermal layers, maximizing efficacy. 

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Cogesome® SA

optimized salicylic acid delivery

Safely and efficaciously delivers salicylic acid to the skin with superior skin penetration properties as well as a greater miscibility in formulations than SA alone. 

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