Cell Biology is a strategic technical resource at Biocogent. Utilizing over 100 years of cumulative expertise in skin, cell and tissue culture, and biochemistry, we have established ourselves as a leader in the understanding of therapeutic indicators for skin treatment products. Our laboratories are equipped to perform everything from standard cell and tissue model assays to custom developed unique bio-assays for specific targets and indicators. 
Performance assessments include: 


Matrix Production

• Stimulation of collagens, GAGs, adhesive proteins


Inhibition of Protease Production

• Tests to determine beneficial effects on levels of damaging enzymes


Inhibition of Protease Activities

• Tests for potential to directly inhibit enzymatic damage


Cell Proliferation & Metabolic Rate Measurements

• Tests of cellular renewal and rejuvenation



Adipocyte Lipolysis

• Tests for stimulation of fat breakdown


Matrix Production

• Stimulation of collagens, GAGs, adhesive proteins



Prevention of Inflammatory Signaling

• Tests of efficacy for inhibiting production of molecules (interleukins, prostaglandins, etc.) that trigger the inflammatory response


Prevention of Inflammatory Tissue Damage

• Inhibition of protease production

• Inhibition of protease activities

• Protection of extracellular matrix

• Prevention of leukocyte recruitment


Scavenging/Quenching of Oxidant Species

• Tests specific to particular oxidant species: superoxide, singlet oxygen, hydroxyl radical, hypochlorous acid


Prevention of Biological Oxidations

• Tests to demonstrate protection of biological molecules: lipids, proteins, nucleic acids


Protection of Cells vs. Oxidant Stress

• Tests of cell viability under oxidant stress and mitigation of inflammatory oxidant production


Measurement of Total Antioxidant Capacity

• A standardized measure of antioxidant activity for comparative ranking



Tyrosinase Inhibition

• Estimation of pigmentation control at rate-limiting reaction step


Melanocyte Pigmentation

• Tests integrating all melanocyte functions


Melanoderm Pigmentation

• Tests integrating functions of the epidermal melanin unit



Cytotoxicity to Skin Cells

• Tests to assess integrity of membrane-bound organelles and mitochondrial activity as indices of cyto-static and cyto-toxic effects



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